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The truffle is a fungus of the genus Tuber Hypogeum that forms the apex of the roots of trees symbionts within the land at different depths also depending on the species, based on the morphology of the terrain, climate and sun exposure To assume forms and different sizes, in sandy soils where there are less hostility, truffles can grow to form homogeneous and reach large while on clay soils do not have a great development are deformed but often prevail over others for aroma and flavor.

In Le Marche region this species of mushrooms have found the ideal habit to grow, proliferate and take on forms flavor and aroma that will become a product of excellence appreciated all over the world, among the most famous are Acqualagna for its white truffle so Also Amandola, Pergola which hosts Annual fair with an international.


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2 melanosporum Vitt

  Special Shape

 more than 70 gr

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